TripsCommerce earns two business process management software awards

Business Process Management Awards received

Your favorite travel and booking BPM solution has been reviewed by the experts and passed the grade. You read it right dear readers. TripsCommerce went through the scrutiny of trusted B2B directory and came out with a score of 8.0 citing it as the perfect platform for booking firms and travel agencies wanting to automate and simplify the many processes involved in their line of business. Reviewers noted how our feature-rich cloud-based software is able to manage online bookings, automate reservations and process payments with ease and efficiency.


TripsCommerce provides users not only with their own booking and payment websites, it also allows them to create their own travel marketplace where other users can share and showcase their inventory as well as collect payments. In addition, users can choose from several website themes to match and enforce their corporate branding. TripsCommerce’s innovative features earned the approving nods of experts at FinancesOnline and conferred on it their 2017 Rising Star Award and Great User Experience Award.


The domino effect kicked in and as a result of the awards. Ranked and rated, our software is truly proving its worth. From the start, we’ve made TripsCommerce as easy as possible for users to have total control over their business through the software’s many capabilities such as automating reservations and payments, enabling self-service online bookings, facilitating tracking and reporting, and customizing their websites to reflect their brands. All of these can be done by users themselves with the platform’s intuitive features, eliminating the need for expensive designers and programmers. We’ve made the right product for the right people and both customers and industry experts agree.

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